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Cheating incident

Look at the interest notice about certifications I just read in an

oracle blog, I extracted it from the following link:

Hi Everyone –

I just wanted to give you a heads-up on some recent actions that we had

to take regarding someone who tried to cheat on a test.

Just last week, we had a candidate who was bold enough to try to take

screen-shots during the exam using his cell phone. Of course this is

completely against Oracle Certification Program policy. This

candidate’s exam was immediately stopped, and the candidate was ejected

from the testing center.

Of course it doesn’t end there. This candidate was also suspended

permanently from the Oracle Certification Program, and all of his

previous certifications were revoked. He is no longer eligible to

participate in the program. Unfortunately – if this candidate works for

an Oracle partner company, then his company will also likely become

aware of his indiscretion – particularly when they request validation

of his certification.

Although this particular candidate was blatantly involved in content

theft, any type of cheating incident is very unfortunate. It erodes the

value of the certification credentials, and hurts everyone involved.

The actions described above represent our efforts to curb cheating and

maintain the value of Oracle certification credentials.

I encourage anyone seeking Oracle certification to carefully read and

adhere to the Oracle Certification Program Fraudulent Activity Policy.



Personally I don’t understand why anyone cheats with the

certifications, because they are completly useless if you don’t have

the required knowledge. If you are hired because of an Oracle

Certification, and you have no idea of the knowledge you are supposted

to have, then you will be fired sooner or later…

At least that’s my opinion…