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Grid Control Problem

Today I noticed that my Grid Control was slower than normally, and when I try to connect to the Grid Control Console, sometimes I can connect, but other

times I get the following error:


Authentication failed. Verify username/password that you have provided. If you believe you entered correct credentials, your account may have been locked,

contact system administrator to unlock your account.

Weird, I’m not typing bad my password, what could be wrong?

The last change I made in my server was modifying the file /etc/hosts , because the name of my machine was pointing to, and I wanted to change it

to his real IP. It looks that something went wrong.

Another symptom was revealed when I used the command netstat:

[root@superlopez ~]# netstat -punta | wc -l

And 1 minute later I execute it again…

[root@superlopez ~]# netstat -punta | wc -l

Definitely something was wrong, almost all the connections were of the following kind:

tcp        0      0                 TIME_WAIT   –

Ok, first step, this error must being logged somewhere, let’s search all the logs in the server and order it chronolocally:

[root@superlopez ~]# ls -larth $(find / -name “*.log” 2>/dev/null)
-rw-rw—- 1 oracle oinstall  18M may  4 08:23 /u01/oracle/app/
-rw-rw—- 1 oracle oinstall  18M may  4 08:23 /u01/oracle/app/grid/oms10g/j2ee/OCMRepeater/log/OCMRepeater_default_island_1/server.log
-rw-rw—- 1 oracle oinstall  18M may  4 08:23 /u01/oracle/app/grid/oms10g/j2ee/OC4J_EMPROV/log/OC4J_EMPROV_default_island_1/server.log
-rw——- 1 oracle oinstall  18M may  4 08:23 /u01/oracle/app/grid/oms10g/j2ee/home/log/home_default_island_1/server.log
-rw-r—– 1 oracle oinstall  51M may  4 08:23 /san/datos/CATRMAN/redo02.log
-rw-rw—- 1 oracle oinstall  31M may  4 08:23 /u01/oracle/app/grid/oms10g/j2ee/OC4J_EM/log/OC4J_EM_default_island_1/default-web-access.log

These are the logs written in the last minute. I don’t think the poor redo log gives me any information, but the other logs might insight me.

… But none of them gave me any information at all. However, the log /u01/oracle/app/ shows the following error several

times, and the log occupies 1Gb:

10/05/03 12:44:08 [4] Falta el factor de formato de la conexión local 0,,6103

So, there is a problem with the port 6103. After googling a bit, I modified the file /u01/oracle/app/ and changed:




After that I rebooted…

[root@superlopez ~]# netstat -punta | wc -l

Problem solved! It looks like the port 6103 was in onflict with another service, so after changing the port in the previous file, everything started working


One problem less…

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