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Rlwrap in SQL*Plus to keep a command history

If you regularly use sqlplus then you will probably miss a command history. Well, you can solve this problem by using the rlwrap command, which keeps a history for every command you used.

To use rlwrap, just install it from apt, yum or download id from the following url:


The current version is 0.36.

To use it, after you have installed the tool, just add an alias in your .bash_profile the following way:

alias rlsqlplus=’rlwrap sqlplus’

This way, every time you call sqlplus in the future, you will keep a really useful history of your commands for future reference. I find this tool very useful, for example for correcting mistyped commands.

I don’t recommend using alias sqlplus=’rlwrap sqlplus’, because rlwrap doesn’t allow to execute commands in a interactive way. So your scheduled scripts by the method sqlplus<<EOF may fail. Be careful!

But if you use alias rlsqlplus=’rlwrap sqlplus’, then your problem will be solved.

You can also use rlwrap with other commands, like RMAN:

alias rlrman=’rlwrap rman’


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